Art has become my new journey in life. Over the years my passions included sports, vertical rock climbing, sailboat and sports car racing; team and competitive activities. Art is a solo event, void of external influences and has become my new focus of expression. For me, art is relaxation and allows me to explore my more creative abilities.

My inspiration and creativity comes from various life experiences and worldwide travel. My work shows both simple and complex styles to evoke emotional response from the viewer. I paint what moves me, either by subject or color. Sometimes I have a vision and sometimes the result comes from emotion.

Largely self-taught. My artwork began as a hobby in 2011 and has evolved to the professional level. Work is varied and includes: abstract, figurative, cityscape & landscape, and impressionist. Work is acrylic paint, with different media (i.e., gels) on canvas, with some pieces on acrylic or glass panels.

In addition to the US, my work has been collected by individuals from Brazil, Argentina, China, South Korea, Chile, and Canada.


          Visual Art Alliance

          Lawndale Art Center

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